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Company History

About Us
Digital Prints and Imaging (DPI) is the evolution and new identity of the long-established Santa Rosa Blueprint Services. (The new name more accurately reflects our range of services; we make copies of blueprints, but we no longer make blueprints themselves.) Digital Prints and Imaging is a groundbreaking, forward thinking company with 60 years of experience, and we have emerged as the biggest large-format reprographics company in Sonoma County. Our name change was preceded by an ownership change, and our new direction includes customer service as the primary value.

Leading The Way
Digital Prints and Imaging continues the tradition of regularly adding new services. In addition to high-speed red and black prints, DPI was the first shop in the area to provide large-scale color copies, along with a full network of small and large format printers capable of black and white or color output. We have not committed to a specific technology; rather we choose open technology so that we can more easily change our formats when new and improved technologies emerge. In addition, DPI covers the largest delivery area in Sonoma County, and we offer extended hours of service.

Environmental Responsibility
For years, DPI has recycled its paper, cardboard, plastic containers and even ammonia. We encourage our staff and customers to reuse our supplies whenever possible. We reuse the plastic bags our paper comes in, we reuse and give away the tubes our paper comes in, etc. DPI was one of the first companies in Santa Rosa to purchase renewable energy credits to offset 100% of the emissions created by the electricity and gas used by our facility. This landmark effort will prevent over 210,983 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution. (This has the same impact as planting 2,785 trees or not driving a standard car 230, 330 miles.) We have added a hybrid car to our delivery fleet and plan to add more in the future.

The DPI Team

President - Joel Newell
Administrative Manager - Janine Johnson
Information Technology Manager - Moses Gilbert
Team Leader - Daniel Dickens

These professionals lead our staff and are committed to offering you the best service possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact them at any time.