How to More Effectively Market Your Business Card

Business cards reign as the most effective marketing channel for letting your customers know about your business. There are two types of business cards: informational business cards, which give your customers the essential information that they need to contact you, and marketing business cards, which provide you with a powerful marketing advantage over other companies.

Most businesses create an informational business card, which provides their clients with essential information such as their business name, business type, and contact information. In fact, 90% of businesses take this approach with their business card. Take the following business card from Super Speedy Printing, a fictional printing company:


What stands out to you about this card? Why would you choose Super Speedy Printing over the many other printing companies out there? There doesn’t really seem to be a reason to choose this company over any other printing company.

One goal of effective marketing is to create a business card that your potential customer won’t throw in their bowl of business cards and forget about when they need your services. How does a good marketing business card stay out of that bowl? It’s very simple: A good marketing business card allows a business to stand out from most other businesses by including a promise to their customer, and by telling their customer why they should use their business.

By changing your informational business card into a marketing business card, you create a new way to market your business.

Once Super Speedy Printing realized the power of creating a marketing business card, they updated their card by styling the card’s back:

superspeedy_print_card_front superspeedy_print_card_back

In the example above, Super Speedy‘s customers know that they can depend on Super Speedy to deliver the high-quality prints that they need on a tight deadline. Not only that, but the company must have a lot of experience—they have been in business since 1981.

Creating a marketing business card may cost you a few pennies more, but what is the payoff? Your card becomes a valuable piece of real estate because it allows you to stand out from the competition.

The bottom line is that your business card is a reflection of you—it reflects the quality of your business, and a great business card will make you memorable to your customer. A good marketing business card will help your clients to remember you when they need your products or services. Bring your business cards everywhere you go, and hand them out to the people you meet who can use your business.


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