Architectural and Construction Services

Archiving Plans:

We can scan your prints in TIFF or PDF formats for storage. We can also send your scans to your consultants, contractors or subcontractors. These files can be stored for printing on demand and future distribution. Since 2004, we have stored thousands of plans.

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Distribution & Tracking:

As we distribute your plans, we can also record and keep track of your end users, allowing you to maintain updated records. We can distribute your plans electronically, by personal delivery, or by a third-party carrier.

Updating Working Sets:

One of our most popular services is managing your plans. We regularly update plans, archiving old sheets and replacing them with revised sheets that are placed in a "Working or Current" set. Again, these can be distributed to those working on the project at a later time.

Emailing, FTP & Web Downloading and Uploading:

We have the ability to upload and download large files, and handle hundreds of megabytes smoothly and in an efficient manner.

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