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Digital File Management Services

Archiving & Updating
When you have remote team members (including outside of the U.S.), we can accept their drawing files, archive them and update them as needed. We can also print and distribute plans locally, nationally or internationally. With our scanning, archiving and updating capabilities, we are well equipped to help you stay on top of changes and store files for you—all you need to do is call us or e-mail us with your orders.

File Conversions
If you have TIFF files but need PDFs, we can handle the conversions for you.

We offer the following conversions:
  • TIFF => PDF
  • PDF => TIFF
  • PLT => TIFF or PDF
  • DWF => PDF, TIFF

File Transfers
With two high-speed data lines in our shop, we are always available to transfer your files anywhere in the world. Take advantage of this convenient service to get documents scanned and transferred in preparation for consultations with out-of-area team members.