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Printing Services

Printing Services DPI uses open architecture, giving us access to a huge variety of hardware and software. We choose the most effective applications for your particular job, resulting in the best possible prints. Our state-of-the-art high-speed scanners and printers ensure quick turnaround time. We have the largest high speed printer network in Sonoma County. One of our printers can print up to 1400 24” x 36” (D size) prints per hour, and our network has a capacity of 5200 sheets per hour. Additionally, we have the typical 400 dpi high-speed printers, as well as the new 600 dpi printers (we are the only shop in Santa Rosa that offers this service).

Laser Color Bond Paper
DPI can print your work on color bond to facilitate easier identification of various project stages (i.e. preliminary, bidding, for construction, as-builds, etc.). This service alone can save you substantial time and money by reducing mistakes and improving team collaboration.

Red & Black Copies (a first in Sonoma County!)
Printing Red and Black DPI has a unique high-speed scanner/printer that prints red and black prints at speeds up to 1,000 D prints per hour. Your red, green or blue highlights will print as red, eliminating the need for laborious mark ups.

Use red highlights to:
  • Increase productivity
  • Emphasize areas of importance
  • Improve communication between team members
  • Enhance reader retention
  • Improve project speed, clarity and effectiveness
  • AVOID costly mistakes due to missed changes
Additional benefits of large format scanning/printing:
  • Oversize copy capacity (up to 36” output)
  • Enlargements to 400%, reductions to 25%
  • Electronic file transfer
  • File document storage and retrieval
  • Prints can be scanned and e-mailed to a remote site
  • CD/DVD archiving
  • Convert TIFF files to PDF (and vice versa)
  • Print half-size documents
  • Convert old plans from dark background to white background
  • Change plans from right read to reverse read
  • Place watermarks on prints to denote special messages (e.g. “For construction” or “Bid set only”)

Photo Mylar Services

Photo mylar, which has been used for decades, is truly archivable. On this material, images can last over 100 years. (DPI is one of only two shops in the Bay Area to offer photo mylar.)