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Scanning Services

Black & White Small Format
Scanning Services Whether you need a high speed small format scan in TIFF or PDF, we offer state of the art scanners that can scan up to 105 sheets per minute. These files can then be burned onto media or uploaded to an FTP site.

Black & White Large Format
When you need to share prints with team members, we can scan your plans in line, line and photo or photo mode, and you’ll get crisp, high definition prints. These scans can be e-mailed or FTPd anywhere in the world, quickly. No scan job is too big—DPI scanned over 100,000 copies for Unocal, as well as all of the plans for the City of Rohnert Park.


Large Format
DPI has the state-of-the-art technology to scan renderings, photos, old posters, etc. and print reproductions of the original, making it simple to share your work with team members, board members on planning committees, etc.

Small Format
For a job like a project manual, DPI can quickly scan your color work, then save it to a media or provide it to you via electronic transfer.

Conversion of Scans to AutoCAD Drawings (another first!)
DPI can save you substantial time and money by scanning your large format plans and converting them into AutoCAD drawings with various layers. Average turnaround is three days. These drawings are especially helpful during remodels or when an HVAC team is working on a system.